This year, for the first time, you can use the online from below to enter the club championships. We don't have the exact start date, but the draw will be available on May 22nd and the finals day is planned for September.

Entry Form
Entries received so far

 Event Name Partner Date
Ladies doublesAnita Peleg13 May
Ladies doublesMarjan Gap16 May
Ladies doublesMathina Darmalingam17 May
Ladies doublesLis TaceyTacey17 May
Ladies doublesLis Tacey17 May
Ladies doublesMarjorie Galbinski23 May
Ladies doublesRaj Gidda27 May
Ladies singlesAnita Peleg13 May
Ladies singlesMarjan Gap16 May
Ladies singlesMathina Darmalingam17 May
Ladies singlesCatherine Loble17 May
Ladies singlesLis Tacey25 May
Ladies singlesRaj Gidda27 May
Men's doublesColin ChurchSamuel Church07 May
Men's doublesThorsten MillhoffJeremy Lazarus11 May
Men's doublesPeter Davies21 May
Men's singlesThorsten Millhoff14 Apr
Men's singlesMax Loble15 Apr
Men's singlesColin Church07 May
Men's singlesJames Gould11 May
 Event Name Partner Date