Join the ladder by sending a mail to

Who can I challenge?

You can challenge everyone to your left and to the right above you. Click or tap your name and all available opponents are highlighted. You can register a challenge, against someone who has already schedule a challenge, however if that person wins, your challenge will be removed as a winner can continue to challenge. If the person lost, your challenge will become active.
You are able to challenge outside the allowed range IF you have spoken to the person you want to challenge and it was accepted. You need to add that information into the comment of the challenge. You can only do this once for any given player.
NOTE: The only exceptions are that Benji and Avi who, for religious reasons, can’t be challenged by female players. Please respect this

What is the match format?

Matches will be played using the FAST 4 format

  • Best of 5 sets
  • No tie break at 4:4
  • 4:4 considered as a tied set
  • 10 point tiebreak as 5th set
  • Sudden death on deuce

By when needs a match to be played ?

A match should be played within 10 days. If you know beforehand that a person is not around, if possible challenge someone else.

I got challenged and won, what next?

If you won against your challenger, it’s your right challenge someone else before having to defend your position again. In case you do not want to challenge someone now, you can accept new challenges, though the person who just lost needs to wait for a week before challenging you again.

What about when I am on holiday?

Please notify the ladder by sending a mail to so you can be put in holiday mode and won’t be challenged. However if a person below you challenges someone above you and win’s you will drop a place.

I challenged and lost, what next?

  • If there is a challenge waiting for you, you need to play that first.
  • The winner is allowed to challenge him self above first before you can have another go
  • You can challenge some else above you

What tennis balls should be used and who brings them?

The challenger needs to bring a new tin of balls. After the match, the looser can keep the balls.

How do I register a challenge?

Once you are logged into the website, you can use the Challenge page.

Where do I post the result?

Once you have played, you can update the challenge record on the website.